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The 2nd International Teleconference on Technology and Policy
for Supporting Implementation of COVID-19 Recovery Plan in Southeast Asia

" Post COVID19 Pandemic: Healthier, Smarter, and Resilient ASEAN Community "

Conference Date: 6 – 8 August 2022

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The COVID-19 outbreak that hit most parts of the world, including ASEAN countries, at the end of 2019 raises challenges in many sectors. With the connection bound ASEAN countries, it is believed the post-COVID19 recovery can be achieved through cooperation and collaboration between these countries. This commitment encourages ASEAN countries’ experts from various scientific and national backgrounds to set up and propose action plans to fasten recovery in this region.

The International Teleconference on Technology and Policy in Supporting Implementation of COVID-19 (ITTP-COVID19) is a consortium initiated in 2021 involving 27 universities in the Southeast Asian region, supported by the ASEAN Secretariat and the ASEAN University Network (AUN). This consortium aims as a forum to build joint initiatives and synergize various strategies and recovery efforts after the COVID19 pandemic, especially in the Southeast Asia region. Through the first ITTP-COVID19 in 2021, this consortium has gathered experts in related fields ranging from fundamental issues to practical new normal approaches, recovery plans, and implementations. The social order after COVID-19 needs to be re-developed not only from the health aspect but also from the economic, social, and technological aspects altogether.

The 2nd ITTP-COVID-19 brings “Post COVID19 Pandemic: Healthier, Smarter, and Resilient ASEAN Community” as the main theme. The ASEAN countries are encouraged to be committed to giving recommendations that are more focused on formulating policies to increase efficiency and effectiveness in the recovery and strengthening of socio-economic, technology, and health after the COVID-19 pandemic. To ensure the successful implementation and sustainability of cooperation among ASEAN countries, The ITTP-COVID19 cooperates with the ASEAN and the ASEAN University Network (AUN) Secretariats.


The objectives of ITTP-COVID19 are to build a common platform to exchange ideas and insights about the COVID-19 pandemic based on research and experience, formulate policy recommendations, and identify relevant technologies to support COVID-19 recovery plans. This initiative will also facilitate the implementation of the ASEAN Comprehensive Recovery Framework, a consolidated solution strategy for Southeast Asian countries from the COVID-19 crisis designed by ASEAN.

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dr. Agustin Kusumayati, M.Sc., Ph.D

President of the Conference

Prof. Ir. Dr. –Ing. Eko Supriyanto

Vice President of the Conference

Dr. dr. Brian Sri Prahastuti, M.Sc

Vice President of the Conference

Prof. dr. Kemal N. Siregar, SKM, MA, Ph.D

Steering Committee

Prof. Dr. dr. Sabarinah, M.Sc

Steering Committee

Prof. dra. Fatma Lestari, M.Si., Ph.D

Scientific Committee

Popy Yuniar, SKM, MM

Organizing Committee

Venue and Platform

The 2nd ITTP-COVID19 will be held online through Zoom Webinar and YouTube.




Adinda Safira Salsabiela, S.Gz (+62 895-0162-8935)
Sulthana Labiba Khansa, S.K.L (+62 857-7972-7692)

Co-organizer & Sponsorship

Abdul Kadir, S.K.M, M.Sc (+62 823-3482-0868)